About Greenwood Electrical Inc.

Residential & Commercial Electrician in Val Rita-Harty, Ontario

Greenwood Electrical Inc. was founded by Adrian Woodland in 2012. Adrian Woodland an electrician born and raised in the Niagara Region, has completed his Masters Electrical Qualification and has extension experience across the entire electrical industry. With over 20 years experience in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential electrical work, Adrian has a well rounded ability to consult/build in the trade as a whole. Under Adrian's supervision Greenwood Electrical Inc. has designed, fabricated, consulted and built thousands of projects. In early 2013 Greenwood Electrical broke into the renewal energy sector and has become one of the premier solar design builders in Ontario. Adrian established a renewable background well before Greenwood Electrical was founded and was able to establish a footing quickly for Greenwood Electrical.

Greenwood Electrical has designed and fabricated its own electrical supply line, such as, LED signs, cable tray, power storage units and mounting accessories. From the solar fields, LED billboards, hotel renovations, restaurant service and industrial build specs' to your home Greenwood Electrical is there for your needs, what ever they may be.