How This New Electrical Construction Trend Could Help You

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Solar power is a clean, renewable energy source that reduces your carbon footprint and saves money on energy bills in the long run. However, the constant usage of the photovoltaic cells to harness the sun creates wear and tear over time.

Consequently, over the course of a few decades, solar panels require an upgrade. Besides, as you expand your property, you may want to add new panels, which will increase its value.

To ensure that you can add significant value to your building and there are no shortage of breakers, the project should get carried out by a professional with relevant experience.

Over the past twenty years, Greenwood Electrical Inc. has built a reputation as the premier solar design-builder in Ontario. We offer turnkey microfit net metering solar projects, which focus on solar panel orientation to generate more power. 

Our solar designs have twelve models, including 30 and 20 Tray, Flat 90 Tray, Horiz 90 Tray, Metalskid, Splice Tray, and Straight 10 Tray. These are innovatively designed and fabricated with our associate partner, Sand-mark Industries, and many of our offerings are patented.

As a result, we render the highest quality craftsmanship and maintain excellent relations with the Electrical Safety Authority for solar power inspections. We also specialize in equipping clients with the best cable trays, power storage units, and mounting accessories for our designs. 

So if you are planning a solar upgrade, give us a call today as we can custom build a project just for you. We serve clients across Kapuskasing, Val Rita-Harty, Hearst, Opasatika, Smooth Rock Falls, Cochrane, Moonbeam, Fauquier-Strickland and Mattice.

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