The Impacts Of COVID-19

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Working as an electrical company meant that we had to handle most of our work in person. We were fortunate that the Government listed the kind of work that we do under essential services, allowing us to conduct business throughout the pandemic. However, there were changes to the amount of work that people wanted to get done, and most were delaying tasks that they could handle at a later time. Renovations, along with changes that were not urgent were moved on the backburner as people were not sure about the future and they wanted to save. Others wanted to be careful about interacting with people while there was a chance of them catching the Coronavirus.

Back when the pandemic began, we had to shut the business, and if we are to predict the happenings in the next six months, our company can not afford to have another shutdown. COVID significantly made changes to the way that we were functioning. We lost revenue over the last eight months as we were not working to our full capacity. The changes were quite harsh, and bouncing back can be quite a challenge as well.

As we were not meeting people in person, all communication between our internal teams and clients was either virtual, over the telephone, or through email. There are a few instances where we work remotely as well. However, there were many rules we had to follow to make sure everything was in order. Additionally, we had no outside personnel entry to our building to limit any exposure.

Remote working was another challenge, and there were massive challenges with people working from home as they always had so much more in their lives. Furthermore, many of them had families or other priorities that were taking time which was quite challenging. There were issues when it came to accessing items that would have been an arm’s length away if they were at an office. When it came to working from the office, we made sure we were disinfecting regularly, and everyone that entered the building had to wear masks and glasses at the front door, limited to no contact to outside personnel. 

Although there were so many changes taking place around us, we did not make any to the amount of time we’re spending at the office. We are working the same number of hours now and in a few instances, some more as we wanted to make up for lost time. For all the remote working that we are handling, we had to make sure we were using a good secure server. We were also making sure that we were using software that had the right encryption. 

When we do have in-person meetings at the office, which are very rare, we make sure everyone wears their masks and follows the social distancing norms. Furthermore, we are always sure to disinfect the entire office after the meeting. Additionally, we are open to having meetings via video conferencing as well. We are not picky when it comes to the software that we use and are happy to use the ones that make the process easier for our clients.

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